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Nestle NAN INFINIpro HA 2 Follow Up Formula - 6-12 months, 400g Tin

by Nestle
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1,900.00 LKR

NAN INFINIpro HA 2 is a follow up formula for healthy infants from 6 months onwards when they are
not breast fed.

It is designed with an optimized protein blend which contains partially broken down cow’s milk protein.
This optimized protein blend helps supporting baby’s normal development.

Protein Profile is Whey predominant (100% whey). This optimized protein blend helps in supporting
baby’s normal development. NAN INFINIpro partially hydrolyzed protein is easing the digestion. It
contains an added 2fl oligosaccharide which is structurally similar to 2fl oligosachcharides found in
breastmilk. Probiotic culture in NAN INFINIpro HA 2 consists of bifidus BL naturally active probiotic
culture, which may help in reinforcing baby’s immunity.